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Golf buggy rentals.

No problem! Just contact your account manager to discuss the options available, this could be on a daily, weekly, monthly or annual basis. With a wide variety of options available we will be able to find a solution to suit your needs.

Yes, you can. However, we will need to request a settlement figure from the finance company to see if it is financially viable as the cost can be prohibitive based on the remaining term, your payment schedule and the number of remaining payments. In the first instance please contact your account manager to discuss the options.

If you have been allocated Golf Car Credits these will be “on account” for the duration of your rental term. These can be used against any purchase/expense with us. You can purchase promotional items, spare parts or repairs, or they can be used against short term rental, dilapidations at the end of the contract or additional vehicles. Please make sure you instruct us to use the credits when purchasing as we do not do this automatically (in case they are being saved for specific use).

We highly recommend using a disclaimer form for every hire. This can help reduce reckless use just because they have agreed to repair costs. We can provide you with a template that you can print off or you can purchase a pad (100 hires) from just £5.00 + vat. Please contact your account manager to discuss the benefits of operating this system.

This will depend on the type of contract you have but it is possible. Depending on the term, your payment schedule and the number of remaining payments will dictate if there is a penalty for doing so. Please speak to your account manager who can advise you of the process and/or cost.

There are several options, in the first instance ask if the club can take over the buggy contract, would the new pro take over the contract? Can you take the buggies with you to your new post? If one of these options is acceptable the contract can be “Novated”, this will transfer the contract to the new party, the payments and term remain the same. The finance company charge £250 + vat to Novate a contract. If none of these options is available then the contract will need to be settled, your account manager can request this and we will do what we can to support this by buying the buggies back, you will, however, be liable for the outstanding interest on the agreement and the difference between the current market value.

No problem. We can request a settlement figure on your behalf. Please note that this can be quite an expensive exercise as you will be liable for a bulk of outstanding interest. We can purchase the vehicle from the finance company but you will need to cover the difference between the current market value and the settlement figure.

Yes you can. Please speak to your account manager to request the price.

If you are operating the vehicles on private land then no minimum age will apply. If you are hiring the vehicles out to members of the public we suggest that they are at least 17 years old and/or hold a current UK Driving License. This implies that they know how to use a steering wheel, brake and accelerator pedal.

Road legal vehicles.

In the UK, generally you cannot take a standard golf buggy or utility vehicle on the road. 

All road legal vehicles are subject to DVLA standards and a list of modifications needed to meet the DVLA standards are considerable but can be facilitated.

Short term rental & event hire.

We have a range of vehicles on our dedicated short term rental fleet, specifically catering for events. You can hire from 1 to +50 vehicles for a single event, this can be for a day, week, month or year. Please contact your Account Manager for more details.

This isn’t something we offer as standard but they can, of course, be added. These are typical £20.00 + vat each but please contact us for a quote as the type of logo can affect the price.

We will send an invoice with the Hire Agreement and this will need to be settled prior to your event.

Finance & contracts.

DLL is our preferred finance partner and has been for nearly 10 years. With over 50 years experience they are a global company offering sustainable and effective solutions to move assets to market. Their Headquarters are in Eindhoven, Netherlands and DLL are a wholly-owned subsidiary of Rabobank Group.

Contract Hire is now the most popular type of vehicle leasing in the UK and allows the end-user or lessee to hire a vehicle for a set period, in return for a fixed monthly contract hire rental. There is no option for the lessee to purchase the vehicle at the end of the term, it is returned to Golf Car UK and reviewed for the condition. The monthly contract hire rental takes into account the cost of the car, its period of use, funding costs and forecast residual value, which is the car’s estimated value at the end of the contract.

Hire Purchase (HP) is a type of finance that allows you to buy a vehicle outright without having to pay the whole amount upfront. Typically a deposit will be required but this is not always the case, the remaining balance is split across a series of fixed monthly instalments, typically spread over two to five years. There is an initial Documentation fee of £50.00 + vat per contract and at the end of the term, there is an “Option to Purchase Fee” of £50.00 + vat which is added to the final payment (this is per contract not per vehicle). Title of Goods will automatically pass to you upon the final payment being made.

If you have been supplied a vehicle on Contract Hire the vehicles need to be returned at the end of the term. For absolute clarification please refer the Terms and Conditions of your Hire Agreement as these are subject to change. Typically the vehicles will be inspected for damage and any defects will need to be repaired.

Upon return the vehicles will be inspected for damage, wear and tear will be accepted but any breaks, crack or tears will need to be repaired in accordance with the terms and conditions of the agreement. Copies available upon request.

A contract novation is the transfer of a finance agreement from one party to another. The typical fee for this transaction is £250.00 + vat. The new party will need credit approval and they simply take over the agreement, the terms and payments remain the same. Please allow as much time as possible to do this as it can be a protracted process.

Insurance & repairs.

The responsibility of vehicle insurance will always be with you. If your vehicle(s) is being financed we have an insurance waiver product available called Golf Car Protect, please speak to your account manager to discuss this.

Any vehicles supplied on rental by Golf Car UK or financed by DLL will need to be insured and covered against fire, theft and total loss. For the avoidance of doubt please contact your account manager to request the replacement value of the vehicle(s).

In the first instance call the Police. They may or may not attend site depending on the criteria set by your local Police Force. They will provide you with a Crime Reference Number, the insurance company will require this if you intend to make a claim. If you have Golf Car Protect we will advise you of the process and the forms that will need to be completed, we will then arrange for the vehicles to be inspected and provide you with an estimate for repair. Once the claim has been approved we will endeavour to carry out all of the repairs on-site, it is very rare that the vehicle will need to be collected for repair in our own workshop.

We charge a call-out for all on-site visits of £80.00 + vat, our hourly labour rate is also £75.00 + vat per hour. We always try to be as fair as possible so this can be broken down into 15-minute slots if the labour required is minimal.8

It is always recommended to service any vehicle on an annual basis, preventative maintenance is often cheaper than repair and it will minimise downtime. Servicing an electric vehicle can be as little as £45.00 + vat and a petrol vehicle can be serviced for as little as £115.00 + vat. However, the E-Z-GO RXV is unique in the way it operates and as long as the routine maintenance is carried out following the manufacturers guidelines you will not require a service, the brakes are electromagnetic so do not have manual parts that stretch or need adjustment, nor does the vehicle have any grease points. We usually recommend a service leading into the final year of the rental term to minimise any potential issues and check/clean the batteries.

In the first instance call the Police. They may or may not attend site depending on the criteria set by your local Police Force. They will provide you with a Crime Reference Number, the insurance company will require this if you intend to make a claim. If you have Golf Car Protect we will advise you of the process and the forms that will need to be completed.

Contact the office on the main number which is 0345 8055494, select the option to report a breakdown and speak to Karen Braund who will give you a date for one of our dedicated field engineers to visit.

Unfortunately punctures are one of the few items that are not covered under warranty.  The easiest solution is to fit an inner tube at your local tyre centre, otherwise you will need to replace the tyre, these are available from  If you think you are getting an excessive number of punctures you could increase the ply (thickness) of the tyre or use an application like which would certainly help.

We can arrange an annual “winter service” on any make or model golf car, this could be included within your monthly rental payment if you wish.  This can be as little as £35 + vat per vehicle per year, so it is a relatively low cost preventative maintenance plan.

Deliveries & training.

The British Agriculture and Garden Machinery Association (BAGMA) is a specialist division of The British Independent Retailers Association. They work closely with industry stakeholders, the Health & Safety Executive, dealers, manufacturers and other industry bodies. All customer-facing staff at Golf Car UK; Account Managers, Engineers and Delivery Drivers have completed the Handover and Installation Training Course that enable us to provide practical guidance on the relevant legislation, areas of responsibility, methods, recording, reports for Installation of Products and Services. We ask that all individuals that will operate and/or maintain the products are present on the day of delivery so we can provide certification that they have completed the BAGMA Training.

The manufacturer’s warranty is different for each vehicle type. For clarification on what is covered and for how long can be confirmed by your account manager.

Please contact us at the earliest opportunity and we will try to accommodate any changes you wish to make. Please note that this may incur charges depending on what arrangements we originally agreed.

Pace fleet management.

To log into Pace you can use any device with an internet connection. Simply enter in any browser on any device or follow the link.

Absolutely. We have a dedicated team based in the office that can provide remote training. If you would rather have this in person please contact your account manager who can arrange this for you.

Yes, furthermore we recommend it. The system has so many functions it will be worth finding out which ones you would benefit from most. We can deliver a buggy with a demo screen fitted which will give you a hands-on experience.

Logo's & artwork.

Yes. We require a high-resolution pdf or similar so we can produce a detailed vinyl print. This can be applied to the front and /or sides panels. We have an experienced graphic designer who will generate a proof before printing.

You supply the artwork, we generate a proof at the correct scale with any modification you require, you will need to approve this before printing.

We have a graphics department that can make improvements to your logo, simple changes are made as a matter of course but if it requires a redesign we can provide a service to do this for you, the rate is £30.00 + vat per hour and you will be supplied with high-resolution images in a variety of formats. We will advise you if this service will apply to the artwork you provide. Always check with your other suppliers as they may have a copy on file.

You can, but you must make sure that you remove them before you return the vehicle, otherwise you may be charged the removal time and they can be difficult to remove. Please do not stick any transfers on the windscreen of the buggy as this can cause permanent damage.

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