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Enhance your club, boost golfer loyalty, grow your revenue.

A fleet of well-maintained golf buggies with the latest technology, delivering unrivalled performance and value will elevate any golf club.

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Enhanced experience.

Provide players with the convenience of easy transportation around your course.

Increase pace of play.

Reduce waiting times and congestion on busy days. Faster play benefits everyone.

Additional revenue.

Buggy fees can contribute to your club's income and offset any maintenance costs.

Delivering excellence.

Driving revenue.

Golf buggies & Utility vehicles.

We proudly serve a broad customer base throughout the United Kingdom by supplying new and pre-owned petrol and electric golf buggies.

Our services are tailored to meet the needs of the golf, leisure, and hospitality industries, and include short and long-term rental options. As authorised distributors of E-Z-GO and Cushman vehicles, we offer an extensive selection of golf carts, utility vehicles, and passenger/goods transportation options. Additionally, we provide customised vehicles, all supported by a comprehensive manufacturer’s warranty covering parts and labour.

Our expertise lies in the long-term rental of golf buggies and features a diverse array of packages complete with a wide range of tools and accessories designed to enhance your fleet’s revenue. Our unique specification upgrade pathway ensures that you receive the best-suited vehicle within your budget. As the leading supplier of golf buggies in the UK, we specialise in long-term golf car rentals, offering various packages with a comprehensive array of tools and accessories to maximize and boost your fleet’s profitability.


How does your present fleet measure up?

Are your buggies failing to meet your expectations?

Upgrading to newer golf buggies can provide a better experience for golfers, as well as improve the overall image of the golf course. While older models may seem like a cost-effective option, they often come with drawbacks that can impact performance, safety, and maintenance costs. In the long run, investing in newer and more advanced models can potentially save money while providing a more enjoyable and efficient experience for golfers. Discover how a fleet of electric lithium-powered golf buggies will make the difference.

Introducing the 2024 E-Z-GO RXV Elite Lithium golf buggy.

The 2024 E-Z-GO RXV Elite Lithium electric golf buggy is another step up in golf buggy performance. 

Trusted by premier golf clubs throughout the UK.

Golf buggies improve the customer experience at every club.

We recognise the demanding schedules of busy golf managers.

Take away the day-to-day hassle of operating your golf buggy fleet with an easy to setup account that gives you direct access to full support and servicing whenever you need it.

Dedicated support.

Dealership backed.

Onsite repairs and servicing.

Ask about our unique specification upgrades.

Styling and accessories for every budget.
Standard finish.

Modern, stylish buggies with realiability, value and efficiency built in.

A touch of luxury.

Your golfers will appreciate the optional extras you can add to your fleet.

Your specification.

Want a vehicle for private use? Ask about our specification upgrades.

Organising your brand-new fleet is easy.

We've thought of everything.

Is it time for you to make an upgrade?

There's no need to continue with your old buggies.

Customer stories.


Happy golfer's, happy Manager!

Golfer experience elevated, revenue increased.

Don’t let a tired buggy fleet spoil your golfer’s enjoyment at your course. Call us today to arrange your on-site vehicle demonstration, review your current contract information and discover for yourself how a new fleet of buggies will improve your golfer experience and increase your revenue.

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