How to videos.

Handy tips and tricks to keep your buggies on course.

How to change wheels on an E-Z-GO RXV golf buggy.

Our senior engineer Dave explains how to change the wheels on your golf buggy safely and easily.

Changing a windscreen on an E-Z-GO RXV golf buggy.

Next in our series, Dave shows you how to change the windscreen.

Broken front bumper?

Dave shows how straightforward it is to replace your front bumper on an E-Z-GO RXV golf buggy.

Prepare your Lithium batteries for winter storage.

Top tips for storing your lithium powered buggies for the winter months.

Winter storage tips for your lead acid batteries.

How to safely prepare and maintain your lead acid batteries for the cold winter months.

Introducing the new GolfCar™ value golf buggy.

Get up close and personal with our new value golf buggy. The GolfCar™ is superb value for clubs wishing to introduce buggies.

Problems starting your golf buggy?

Dave shows you the most common faults when your golf buggy refuses to go!