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For the ultimate golfer experience.
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Monitor, maintain & enhance your golfer experience.

Pace Technology, formerly known as Textron Fleet Management, is innovating the game of golf both on and off the course by optimizing operations and amplifying player experience. Whether you choose the screenless Shield technology or a high-definition screen system, your course will see the immediate benefits. Now coupled with GolfLogix, the #1 app in golf, you can get accurate GPS distances, heat mapped greens, and the ability to order food and beverage directly from your phone at participating courses.

What is PACE?

Deliver a better round of golf.

PACE is a dedicated GPS System that plugs directly into your RXV golf buggy. Located under the front roof area in full view of your golfers whilst driving the vehicle, the hi-contrast colour touchscreen delivers crisp, bright graphics of each hole as your golfer completes the course.

Location and yardages are displayed as well as green topography, water hazards and bunkers. Scoring is catered for using the dedicated software and the card can be personalised for each golfer playing.  Warnings, instructions, messages and course information can be displayed to the golfer to enhance the golfer experience whilst playing your course.

How it works.

Getting started is easy.

In the first instance, we visit and survey your course to establish the quality of the GPS connectivity and to map your course for notable features and dimensions.

Once the survey has been checked and confirmed for use (99% of courses pass!) your dedicated control website is created with a unique login for Administrator use to start managing your fleet of buggies.

The next step is to install a dedicated, live, always-on WIFI router that will communicate with your buggies to update software, geo-fences and any other changes you make to your fleet management.


Feature rich for an unrivaled experience.
  • Control your fleet of buggies from any internet connected device.
  • Provides golfers with digital views of the holes and distances.
  • Control areas on your course where the buggies are allowed to access.
  • Send messages to golfers to control the pace of play.
  • Real-time charge rates and vehicle status.
  • Advertising and promotional opportunities on screen.
  • Display advertising graphics or videos.
  • Offer food and beverage ordering on course.
  • Golfers can request a beverage cart.
  • Radio and Spotify Bluetooth connectivity.
  • Reduce the need for Marshal vehicles.
  • Protect green staff.
  • Protect your golf course.
  • Severe weather warnings.
  • Real-time vehicle tracking and location.
  • Lock and unlock vehicles remotely.
  • Extend PACE with the Golf Logix App.


Add GPS and be the envy of your neighbour!
  • Lock your fleet at night and when not in use.
  • Rotate your buggies correctly with usage reports.
  • Increase your rental revenue.
  • Increase golfer loyalty. Stand out from your neighbours.
  • Dedicated support and training.
  • Regularly updated features and software.
  • Use buggies into the winter with dedicated path-only rules.
  • Automatic pace of play on-screen prompts.
  • Protect your turf and greens.
  • Complete course sponsorship options.
  • Enhanced corporate golf days.
  • Fully featured. No need for expensive add-ons.
  • FREE updates if you change your course.
  • Speed control for hilly courses.
  • QR code interactivity.

Dedicated support to make sure your are maximising the potential of your GPS system.

We want you to fully experience the power and benefits of the world’s foremost golf GPS system. Our fully trained, PACE GPS experts are just a phone call or an email away if you need help with any aspect of your system.  We monitor your installation regularly and work with you to get the most from your GPS. We make it easy for busy Pros and Club Managers to enhance your club for maximum revenue returns. Does your current supplier do that?