PACE Fleet Management System UK.

Add even more value to your course with a fantastic GPS System.
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Fleet management

Total online management and control.

Improve loyalty

Improved golfer experience.

Increase revenue

Can help to increase revenue for your club.

Monitor, maintain & enhance your golfer experience.

Pace Technology, formerly known as Textron Fleet Management, is innovating the game of golf both on and off the course by optimizing operations and amplifying player experience. Whether you choose the screenless Shield technology or a high-definition screen system, your course will see the immediate benefits. Now coupled with GolfLogix, the #1 app in golf, you can get accurate GPS distances, heat mapped greens, and the ability to order food and beverage directly from your phone at participating courses.

The benefits.

  • Control your fleet of buggies from any internet connected device.
  • Provides golfers with digital views of the holes and distances.
  • Control areas on your course where the buggies are allowed to access.
  • Send messages to golfers to control speed of play.
  • Real time charge rates and vehicle status.
  • Advertising and promotional opportunities on screen.
PACE Fleet Management System UK

With features, golfers will love.

PACE Technology

– Personal caddie feature and HD hole graphic provides detailed course information and enhanced visualization

– Direct 2-way messaging informs golfers of pro shop promotions, food and beverage specials, and weather alerts

– Tournament leader boards and formatting with automatic updates when integrating with Golf Genius Software™ and Vision Perfect Software™ 

– High-end speakers and seamless phone pairing monitored by the clubhouse for a better on-course experience