The all-weather Vehicle Cab solution.

Keep working in any weather.
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Perfect for greenkeepers.

A tough weatherproof solution.
Cushman Utility vehicles UK

All weather protection.

Keeps the elements off, added vehicle security and a built-in ROPS system

Any of the Hauler utility vehicles can be fitted with the official Cushman cab.

The enclosure offers complete protection from the elements while maintaining all-round visibility thanks to the cabs front & rear glass screens and polycarbonate doors. While it offers protection from the weather but isn’t suitable as a ball collector, although we do have those too.

For comfort, the windscreen can also push out from the bottom, while the door and rear window have sliding windows to allow for ventilation. The windscreen is also fitted with an electric windscreen wiper to clear precipitation and maintain visibility.

The roof of the cab can mount spotlights, LED light bars and hazard beacons if required.

– All-weather for Cushman Haulers
– Glass front and rear screens
– Polycarbonate door


Fitting a cab to any of the Cushman Haulers doesn’t affect the normal functions of the vehicle.

This includes the cargo bed capacity, towing functionality or the tipping rear bed.

A cab can be fitted to...