Flip-flop rear seats for passengers & luggage.

Add more functionality to your vehicles.
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A flip-flop seat changes the game.

It’s possible to add a flip-flop seat to almost any vehicle in our range and by doing so, you are adding so much flexibility to your vehicle. The seat section comfortably fits two adults and when turned over, forms a perfect flat surface for carrying luggage or equipment around your facility.

The frames can be supplied in a strong, weatherproof steel powder-coated version and the new kits are built on ultra-strong reinforced plastic. Seats are comfortable and durable and weather resistance is built in.


Call us today for information and to confirm if Flip-flops can be fitted to your existing vehicles. Our field engineers can retrofit seats and of course, they can be included when ordering a new vehicle from our workshop. We carry Flip-Flop seats for the E-Z-GO and Cushman range of vehicles.