Cushman Hauler 800 Utility Vehicles UK.

A must for every golf course.
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Cushman Utility vehicles UK

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Golf courses. Private customers and land owners. Land management.


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800lb vehicle load capacity.

Cushman Hauler 800 Utility vehicle

The Hauler 800, now available with an ELiTE® lithium powertrain 8.4 CU FT CARGO BED 900 LB TOWING CAPACITY activated by Samsung SDI battery technology or with a fuel-efficient 13.5 hp EFI petrol engine, powers through your toughest workdays. With a fully customizable cargo bed, highly functional dash and a broad range of accessories, Hauler 800 vehicles have everything you need to finish job after job.

This dependable utility vehicle is fitted with limited slip differential fitted as standard, so the Hauler 800 can deliver better traction without damage to turf in wet or over uneven terrain. So get a Cushman Hauler 800 and get after it.

The Hauler 800 is built to transport people, tools, and equipment around any facility with ease. Available with your choice of maintenance-free ELiTE® lithium battery powered by Samsung SDI technology or a fuel-efficient 13.5 hp EFI gas engine, the Hauler 800 is suitably equipped to perform a variety of duties. When versatility and efficiency are a priority, the Hauler 800 is ready to get the job done.

With added features.

Choose petrol or lithium power.

The maintenance-free ELiTE lithium batteries powered by Samsung SDI Lithium technology are backed by an unbeatable 5-year battery warranty. The proven efficiency and performance keep vehicles working even through the toughest projects. 

The EFI petrol engine is designed to keep your vehicle running smoothly, allowing you to tackle any challenge.

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