GCUK Online Risk Assessment.

Version 1.1 2022

Assessor details.

What are the hazards?

Existing control measures.

Ensure the vehicles to be worked on are on a flat hard level standing within a secured well-ventilated area, Unauthorised personnel are to be prevented from coming within 3m of the vehicles.

Vehicles contain 4 x 12v deep cycle batteries containing sulphuric acid. Suitable PPE equipment to be worn by Golf Car UK Service engineer. Site to provide suitable material, sand etc. to soak up any potential spills.

Batteries could explode if contact made with naked flame, no smoking or use of tools that will create a spark. Service engineer vehicle equipped with suitable fire extinguishers.

Batteries if shorted across terminals can create an electric shock, prevention is utilising insulated tools and rubber gloves.

Lifting and jacking up vehicles for inspection and parts change over, done on a level hard level surface with an approved lifting device (2 tonne jack) with wheels properly chocked, and vehicles supported on approved axle stands and jack removed from under vehicle when axle stands in place.

Initial assessment of overall risk.

Risk rating = Severity x Likelihood

Severity Type of risk Likelihood
HIGH Fatality; major injury or illness causing long term disability Certain or near certain to occur
MEDIUM Injury or illness causing short term disability Reasonably likely to occur
LOW Other injury or illness Unlikely to occur

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