GCUK Online Method Statement.

In order to continue our commitment to a more sustainable future, we have now created an online Method Statement. The information below is constantly reviewed and updated to reflect changes in practices and legislation. The forms will be sent via email to keep the information digital to remove the need for paper use.

Version 1.5 2022

1. Brief outline of the work to be undertaken.  

To Maintain, Service and Repair Vehicles supplied by Golf Car UK and similar style vehicles supplied by third parties as requested by suitable authorised Customer Personnel. If any parts are found to be faulty or dangerous, the Golf Car UK (GCUK) Service engineer will, if the parts required are readily available on their van effect a repair, otherwise will return to carry out the required works, once approved by your Site Manager at another time and will fill out the standard Golf Car UK service engineers report, leaving a copy on site. At all times being aware of the uses and hazards of the whole actual site and comply with all site rules and regulations.

2. Tools and equipment.  

Suitable PPE equipment for handling battery acid (Sulphuric Acid) Suitably Insulated tools for working on the batteries Appropriate rated jack for lifting the vehicles for inspection 2 tonne rated for max 425kg lifting of whole vehicle. Only partial lifting required, so safety margin in excess of 400% available on jack capabilities. Suitable Axle stands to be used to support raised vehicle. All appropriate necessary hand tools as carried on the GCUK’s engineers van for the express purpose of being able to carry out the requested repair or service .

3. Method of working.  
  • Carry out and verify on-site Risk assessment.
  • Ensure the vehicles are operable and can be driven safely to the work area.
  • Lift seat and check all the cable conditions and connections for wear and tightness.
  • Verify battery level fluid is correct and top up as necessary.
  • If fitted with Battery Filling system, check all connections and repair as necessary.
  • Check the tyre pressures and conditions of the tyres.
  • Jack up the front of the vehicle and insert axle stands and remove jack, check wheel bearings and movements on front wheels and then repeat action on rear wheels.
  • When rear wheels removed, check brake system for wear and efficiency adjust as necessary. If no adjustment possible, note replacement parts required for further attention.
  • Clean battery terminals/cables and replace as necessary.
  • Check all nuts under bodywork for tightness and tighten where necessary.
  • Check gas struts and leaf springs for wear and advise if need replacing.
  • Check all upper body fixings for tightness.
  • Check windscreen and note any damage, if found advise parts for replacement.
  • Fill in GCUK Service Engineers report , and return vehicles to service if safe and appropriate to do so.

4. Working onsite.  

Suitable work area to be provided by customer which will need to be flat, with hard standing, In a well-ventilated area, and inside if wet, or rain imminent. No access to within 3m of the vehicles being worked on by any personnel other than the Golf Car UK Engineer. Access by GCUK engineer to comfort facilities, and to a single phase 13 amp power socket for potential use of electrical tools and hand tools battery charger

5. Covid specific.  

This site specific method statement outlines the measures to be taken at your site under the restrictions placed by the ongoing Covid-19 health crisis in the UK and Ireland. All works on site must be in accordance with these overall guidelines and your company expect all subcontractors to provide their own site specific RAMS to be in line with these guidelines. Furthermore, all RAMS that had been previously in place to allow works to commence by subcontractors must be reviewed and signed off again, before any works recommence on site since they were temporarily closed due to Covid-19 restrictions. It is imperative that any worker who feels they cannot work safely on site at any time immediately informs their Supervisor or your onsite Supervisor who will address their concerns at the first opportunity.

Emergency Contact details.  

Offsite Line Manager: Karen Braund 0345 8055 494 Ext 3

Additional Contact details.  >

Engineer : Matty Dredge 07340 696497

Engineer: Carl Care 07946 406671

Golf Car UK is committed to ensuring the protection of all personal information that we hold and to provide and to protect all such data. We recognise our obligations in updating and expanding this program to meet the requirements of GDPR.