Textron Fleet Management system.

Add functionality & revenue to your golf club with the popular fleet management system,

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What can TFM do for you?

  • Control your fleet of buggies from any internet connected device.
  • Provides golfers with digital views of the holes and distances.
  • Control areas on your course where the buggies are allowed to access.
  • Send messages to golfers to control speed of play.
  • Real time charge rates and vehicle status.
  • Advertising and promotional opportunities on screen.

Bring extra intelligence to your golf club.

Textron Fleet Management (TFM) gives you everything you need to be successful, from a superior on-course experience to improving operational efficiency and crew productivity. With five options, including Shield and Shield Plus screenless technology, each TFM system has the ability to enforce geofences, monitor equipment usage and track vehicles in real time.

TFM Screens

A personal Caddie.

Give your players the information needed for better shotmaking. TFM provides course layout and mapping, birds-eye 3D flyovers of every hole and GPS-accurate ranging to hazards and pin placements. It also offers digital scoring and pace-of-play status.

TFM Screen

Increase revenue.

Customize and spread announcements to players all over the course, including welcome messages, food & beverage reminders and weather updates. You can even generate additional revenue via ads and interactive videos.

TFM Screen

Event Management.

TFM integrates with the popular Golf Genius software to provide real-time leaderboards and management for a variety of tournament and game formats. The cloud-based system provides a superior experience with on-board score cards, event updates and communications.

Optimise your fleet of vehicles.


TFM offers customizable solutions designed to exceed your expectations. Choose between Shield and Shield Plus screenless systems, text-based or HD graphic systems with custom course graphics and 3D flyovers. All systems receive automatic software updates, improvements and new features when available.


Integrate Shield Plus screenless technology with your professional turf equipment and utility vehicles, as your comprehensive management solution. Existing TFM systems can be easily updated to include all equipment at your facility protected by Shield technology, maximizing operations and maintaining healthy equipment.


With TFM, you can monitor your fleet from anywhere, anytime, using your computer, smartphone or tablet. Track amp hours, charge rates and faults, as well as pace-of-play and location of every car. Several reporting options provide all the information you need to maximize the efficiency of your fleet.


Receive an extra measure of safety and security with geo-fencing, car shutdown, speed alerts and vehicle travel history. A built-in battery stays on and continues to track the location of your car even if disconnected, which is ideal for recovery of lost or stolen equipment.

TFM System from Golf Car UK

TFM can be fitted to all golf carts in our range.


Matt Patton

Sales & Marketing Director.
The Textron Fleet Management system is the perfect addition to your vehicles and brings so many benefits from basic security and the ability to add revenue and functionality to your buggies. With so many clubs now connected, adding TFM is very straightforward.

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