PACE Fleet Management System UK

Golf Car UK launches PACE / TFM training.

We welcome all clubs with PACE / TFM throughout the UK.

With the pressure on golf clubs to deliver a memorable experience to golfers and to compete with neighbouring courses increasing in the current financial climate, setting your club apart from the competition should be seen as a priority for Golf Club Managers. One way to achieve golfer loyalty whilst increasing revenue streams is to supply buggies fitted with the awesome PACE GPS system that, not only elevates the golfer round to another level of enjoyment but also provides a straightforward fleet management tool to help maximise fleet rotation and usage.

PACE Technology, formerly Textron Fleet Management (TFM) is the perfect solution for clubs seeking to up their game. Golf Car UK are the largest supplier and installer of PACE throughout the UK and as such is now offering comprehensive in-house customer support and training program to ensure that clubs fully realise the full potential of the GPS system.

Pace Technology UK
PACE Fleet Management for golf buggies

If you are new to PACE, it is essentially a GPS screen fitted to the front of your vehicle in view of your golfers and provides live course graphics and hole topography, distances and yardages to make club selection a little easier. It can be custom designed to deliver static and video advertisements on-screen along with persistent static banner slots on all screens for any business wishing to advertise at your course. Individual hole sponsorships can also be added for even more revenue stream opportunities.

Fleet Management is achieved using an intuitive online portal custom-made for your course where you can control every aspect of your buggy behaviour whilst on rental by developing Geo-Fences and Cart Path Rules and even pace of play. Whilst this sounds a little negative in terms of the golfer, in reality, a well-managed and regularly updated GPS will improve the golfer experience and keep your course moving well. Your Greenkeepers can be afforded extra protection whilst carrying out duties on the course by simply updating where the vehicles are allowed to go, saving time and money.

If you have PACE or TFM installed but feel that you are not maximising its potential or you need re-training due to staff movements, please get in touch with us and we can discuss your system and arrange your support.

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